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Lillian Aquilia

New York, NY
+1 917 213 1933

Based in our New York office, Lillian Aquilia serves as our main point of contact for the coordination and instruction of surveyor attendances on behalf of Underwriters Concerned, including P&I, H&M, cargo, and other insurance interests. 


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Atlantic Marine Associates Inc., New York, NY    

Technical Assistant | Responsibilities include instructing and overseeing surveyors globally on P&I surveys, coordinating damage survey attendance on behalf of Underwriters Concerned, and reviewing and issuing casualty reports and correspondence. Assists with client marketing and liaison. In charge of handling underwriter inquiries regarding loss damage surveys, claims handling, and receiving and managing cargo claims. 

GL Noble Denton, New York, NY 

Accounts Manager | Responsible for monthly, quarterly, and year-end financial closings, and cash management, including preparation of monthly cash flow reports. Coordinated internal and external financial audits; assisted in the preparation, analysis, and evaluation of divisions budgeting and forecasting model; supervised accounts receivable, accounts payable, and staff accountant positions; prepared various financial reports for senior management. Coordinated damage survey attendance on behalf of Hull Underwriters; reviewed and issued casualty reports and correspondence; handled underwriter inquiries regarding loss damage surveys. Assisted with client marketing and liaison. 

American Hull & Offshore Insurance Syndicate, New York, NY 

Assistant Underwriter | Reported to President of Offshore Division. Responsible for review and recording of policies and endorsements, processing of endorsements for marine and energy coverage policies, and assisting in maintaining risk exposure accumulations. Maintained client relations involving heavy interaction with Syndicate members, brokers, and the assured; collected historical loss data for underwriters prior to renewal; coordinated with underwriters on outstanding claims; attended brokered market presentations with underwriter. 

Accounts Manager | Reported to Chief Financial Officer. Developed and maintained a premium invoicing application that resulted in a $1 million reduction in overdue balances, in addition to enhancing overall processing efficiencies. Performed monthly, quarterly, and annual financial closings; monitored cash balances. 

Treaty Accountant | Analyzed all general ledger accounts; prepared and recorded adjusting and correcting journal entries; prepared quarterly financial statements for Offshore Syndicate participants. Assisted in obtaining letters of credit from Syndicate participants; reported and processed quarterly reinsurance treaties; prepared bank reconciliations. 

Education & training

St. John's University | Queens, NY

Associate of Science (AS) in Business Management

Ocean Marine Insurance (Risk Management) 

Notary Public, State of New York 

The University of Texas at Austin | Houston, TX 

Introduction to Offshore Operations 


Fluent in Spanish 

Computer Skills: Excel, Windows, Microsoft Word, Great Plains and Bill4Time, Inter-office Claims software