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Peter S. Poulson

San Francisco, CA
+1 732 610 2323

A Marine Engineer and Surveyor based in San Francisco, CA, Peter Poulson acts as an exclusive consultant to AMA Inc., carrying out marine surveys and performing consulting services for all manner of marine needs. With experience as a Third Engineer for CMI, Inc. and Third Assistant Engineer for an ultra-deep water drilling ship, in addition to surveying experience with New York-based surveying companies, Poulson brings a diverse skill-set to the AMA team as he heads up the west coast office. 




Poulson Marine Consultants (PMC), LLC for AMA Inc., San Francisco, CA    

Exclusive Consultant: Marine Surveyor and Engineer | Providing independent marine surveying, consulting, investigation and expert opinion services. Responsibilities include: hull & machinery damage surveys, machinery failure surveys, forensic investigations, loss of hire surveys, cargo liability surveys, condition surveys for hull & machinery underwriters and P&I clubs. Assists with investigations and provision of expert opinion in principal maritime areas.  

Cruise Management International (CMI), Inc., Miami, FL

Third Engineer | Aboard Antarctic expedition cruise vessel, OCEAN ENDEAVOR. In charge of sea-going watches. Responsible for safe operation and maintenance of a multi-engine, shipboard, diesel-electric plant for propulsion, generating power, and hotel services. Specific responsibility for maintenance of ship's main propulsion and generating diesel plant, as well as assisting with general maintenance of all associated auxiliary equipment. 

Transocean Ltd., New Orleans, LA 

Third Assistant Engineer | Aboard ultra-deep water drilling ship, DISCOVERER DEEP SEAS. Duties included inspections, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing vessel's mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment for the main and auxiliary power plants, as well as all associated auxiliary and hotel systems. On board for 15-year overhaul; selected to be member of the 'Cold Stack Crew' to sail vessel from New Orleans, LA, to Port of Spain, Trinidad, to preserve all machinery for a long-term out-of-service period. 

Atlantic Marine Associates (AMA) Inc., New York, NY 

Marine Surveying Intern | Six-month internship focused on partnering with Marine Engineers and Consultant Surveyors to investigate and research a machinery failure litigation case and achieving all goals set forth. 

GL Noble Denton, Ltd., New York, NY  

Marine Surveying Intern | Three-month internship assisting Consultant Surveyors with investigations of numerous casualties, including collisions and machinery failures. Assisted in the field with investigating the cause of fire damage to an engine room involving a fatality. 

Education & training

State University of New York Maritime College | Bronx, NY

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Marine Engineering   

Recipient of American Maritime Officer (AMO)'s Academic Achievement Award for Top Engineering Cadet Pursuing a Career at Sea


Certified Training Courses: 

Engine Room Resource Management 

Leadership & Team-Working Skills 

Mechanical OJT 

Hazardous Material Awareness 

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss 

Marine Trash & Debris Awareness 

Ultra (UV) Awareness 

Heat Stress Awareness  

Dropped Object Awareness 


Ship Security 

BMP Painting & Blasting 

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Awareness 

Confined Space Entry 

First Aid OJT 

Energy Isolation 

Fall Protection Awareness 

Hand and Arm Vibration 

Hand Injury Prevention 

Water Survival / HUET 

International Safety Management 

Rigging & Lifting

Professional affiliations

Member: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) 

Member: RESOLVE Salvage & Fire (Americas), Inc. - OPA 90 Response Network